June 2017 Weekends away.


As we hadn’t got away for Whitsun we were invited to join some friends away for the first weekend in June.  Well I “had” to attend UK Games Expo at the NEC on the Saturday so we ended up at a small site near Tamworth.  The piggies started getting excited as they saw the usual flurry of activity as we got the van ready and then the appearance of their 2 carry boxes.  Unfortunately due to inclement weather they got little grass time.

However, the following weekend, as it would have been Sue’s moms 90th had she still been with us we decided on a second weekend away.

On this occasion we decided to re visit a local site we had last been to in 2014 near Weston Park.  We weren’t disappointed and neither were the piggies.

From the pics you can see that Astro was getting his revenge on Nova for the many times Nova has lent against him or sat on him when he was nicely snuggled in a fleece.

The site was Upper Borckhurst Farm   http://www.bradford-estates.co.uk/upper-brockhurst-farm-campsite  and well worth a visit for some peace and tranquility.



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