Catch up blog prior to the start of the 2019 season – Part Two


So now we were back to 3.   We fostered a Sheltie boar from the Potteries with a view to introducing him to the group.  This didn’t work and it ended up with a full blown fight between him and Nova (another reluctant Matriarch) and blood was spilled.

This wasn’t going to work so we visited Coseley once more and after another boar and sow were rejected the gang accepted a sow whose colouring was almost identical to that of Astro, so Gaia joined the group.

We prepared for the 2018 caravanning season with some trepidation with an early visit to Weymouth where we introduced the new members to Blagdon.  They all seemed to enjoy it especially the grass time.  We joked that the next time we might have a new caravan, how prophetic that turned out to be.

On our return we did indeed change our caravan for a newer model which allowed us to get a slightly bigger indoor cage for the gang.

We took the new caravan down to Bath so we could visit Katy and she could spend some time with the piggies.

In the August we headed down to Weymouth again and had a great couple of weeks and the gang had plenty of grass time whic

h they enjoyed.



After we got back we noticed a change in temperament in Gaia.  She had become really bossy making Luna and Auroras life hell which ended up with Nova really laying into her with lots of teeth chattering and Gaia cowering away.

On the 17th October got back from clients to find Gaia in her forever sleep. She was only with us 7 months but had been on 4 caravan holidays with us and was much loved. I felt gutted as she was only 2 1/2 years old.

I wondered if we would ever get a settled herd again after so many changes in 12 months.

On the 19th October we celebrated Luna’s third birthday.

On the 22nd October we returned to Coseley GPR and we were introduced to a quiet boar who would become Pluto.


After an hour or so introduction the girls it seemed had accepted him, had we finally found a boar who they all liked.  It was a happy gotcha day present for Aurora who had joined us on the 26th October one year previously.



Indeed it was after a couple of weeks of highly stressful domination and hormones, he was after all still a teenager (def under 12 months old) he has become a full integrated member of the group.

This enable me to send a group photo for Christmas and we could at 2019 with some optimism.


So we are no prepared to start our 2019 Caravaning Season with Nova, Luna, Aurora and Pluto.




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