Accommodation (Outdoors)


Wherever we decide to go, we always look at what opportunity there is for grass time, this we believe is one of the reasons our piggies look forward to going on holiday.   Indeed when we are preparing and packing stuff into the caravan they always get excited and start popcorning.

We take a foldaway run with us when we go away.   What we do now is we take the cage outside, open up the run and peg down to either side of the cage. We recommend that ties (the wire disposable ones used to tie sandwich bags work) to secure the run to the cage. Into the run go a couple of hideys and tunnels.   We have the collapsible tunnels that are available which are also washable.

We also ensure that one of us is always In attendance when they are outside, this covers a number of functions.   Despite all best efforts to secure the run they can be very good at escaping if they think there is a chance.   When this happens they often wander into the awning, so being with them gives the chance to stop this. It also acts as a deterrent if there are birds of prey in the area, I also use it as an excuse to either read or practise my guitar playing.

One thing to be aware of is how warm it might get.   To provide shade we will place a fleece over the cage so there is shade there and also we have a golf brolly which is often pressganged to provide additional shade. Be prepared to be creative in very hot sunshine.