Accomodation (Indoors)


First of all if you are planning to go away on holiday in your touring caravan and take your Piggies with you how and where are you going to keep them. Where you keep your cage can differ from day to night.   When we first discussed the notion of taking them on holiday with us we considered having the cage in the awning.   This was disregarded from the start because we couldn’t take the risk of predators entering the awning at night.   So the cage had to be kept in the van.

From trial and experience we have found that the best place to keep a cage at night is over the kitchen area.   Most caravans’ kitchens have a cooker with a toughened gas lid which is often alongside the sink and worktop.   Careful measurement of this area must be taken to calculate the maximum size cage that can be fitted. This obviously depends on the size of van you have and sleeping/sitting areas.   We have a 5 berth with the option of a double bed at front and back (with bunk over the back) which convert into seats during the day.   If you have the luxury of having a large van and only the two of you then the cage can be fitted on spare seating.   During the day the cage is usually set up at the back of the van, across the back benches sat on table for these back seats.

(We have a Ferplast 110 for in the caravan in which we keep the gang of four. Now before the lynch mobs start, it must be remembered that the maximum time they have in this cage is 14 days at the most, and they know when they are on holiday.)


You next need to consider what bedding you are going to use, we have found the best is fleece, over vet bed over paper.   This minimises the amount of hay kicked out of the cage, and also allows us to remove the fleece daily for spot cleaning.   Many of the sites we use are on farms so have compost heaps where we can dispose of old hay etc, often allowing a good shake of the fleece over the compost. This gives chance to get the fleece washed and dried.

We have found that a good vet bed in this combination can last quite a few days before needing changing.   Our usual packing consists of one fleece per 2 days of holiday, one vetbed per 5 days. This may sound a lot but work on the basis of no launderette.   Soiled fleeces are stored in bin liners under the van until ready for home.

In addition to the fleeces we also have a thick woollen fire blanket from the days when we used to have a trade stand at role playing conventions. This is used over the cage at night and helps to keep in the heat, stops draughts and deadens some of the noise at night.