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Accomodation (Indoors)

Accommodation (Outdoors)


Preparing for a year of camping


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We often have a routine of going out for the day after breakfast, usually aiming to be back early afternoon so that the piggies get their grass time in the afternoon warmth but not at the hottest time of day.   Before we go out we check the weather forecast and based on that we allow as much ventilation as necessary, via roof vents, windows into the awning on the locked catch etc. The cage will usually be at the back of the van with curtains drawn slightly to shield the cage from direct sunlight.

If the weather is especially hot, whether we are in the van or not, we have adopted the principle of keeping two 500ml soft drink bottles. We fill these two thirds full and place in the freezer compartment of the caravan fridge.   These size bottles are the best fit for a caravan fridge.   We then alternate the bottles in the cage.   This allows the cage to cool if it is too hot.

We have found that the piggies sidle up to the bottle for a while and then move off after they have cooled off.   Of course remember to wipe the bottles clean when placing back in the freezer.

One lesson we learnt the hard way, NEVER EVER leave the cage water bottle where it may be in direct sunlight.   The water will heat and may exacerbate an already dehydrated piggy.

Something else to be mindful of is that with all the best preparation in the world, there is the opportunity that your piggy may become ill or hurt itself. In this instance it is helpful to be well prepared with a list of local vets, especially if there is a local exotic vet.

In summary, a checklist of what we take with us on a holiday in the caravan.

2 x cat caddies for transportation

1 x cage (as big as possible within confines of van)

1 x fleece for every 2 days

1 x vetbed for every 5 days

1 x bag of Timothy Hay with herbage for every 5 days

1 x bag of readigrass

1 x bag of nuggets

Foldup run

Foldup tunnels (we have 2)

Outdoor hideys

Bowls and waterbottles


And of course whatever veggies they like.

So why not see if your piggies like caravanning, you might meet us somewhere around the UK.

Happy camping.