Preparing for a year of camping


The start of the year is always a little fraught as it begins with getting the caravan serviced, which entails emptying everything.

It gives us the opportunity to give the piggies caravan cage a good going over with disinfectant and a good scrub.  Its also the time when we are planning our first time away.

As we gather everything we need for the van the gang start to get excited, just like little children they know they are going on holiday.

We ensure we have enough fleeces to cover the stay with spares (which often get thrown into the cage at night for extra snuggles), enough hay in case the weather prevents grass time (important to remember that you have prepared them for grass so they don’t get bloat).

Along with all the other toys (tunnels etc) for the outside run these all get packed away.

On the drive to the site we always look to break the journey at hourly to hour and a half intervals, one because it is actually tiring towing a caravan, there are more things to concentrate on when driving, also we are not in a rush and it gives you the chance to give the piggies some goodies.  We find cucumber a great way to get them to have liquid.  Most of the travelling time we find ours curl up and go to sleep, with two per carrier.

Upon arrival at a site the first thing is check out where you are being pitched.  We usually get the caravan sited and stable (electric on, water and gas sorted) which usually takes us about 15 to 20 minutes at the most.  The piggies cage is then set up if the weather is poor, or if it is fine (dry, sunny etc) the run is set up in a way that we have room to set up the awning.

During our stay we usually change the fleeces daily, ideally when they are outside getting grass time.  This usually revolves around the timing of how we spend our time. Usually out in the morning, back mid afternoon, when they can go out while its warm but not at the hottest time of the day.  As two of our gang are white we have to pay particular attention to their ears, so they don’t become sunburnt.

After grass time despite wheeks about being removed they often settle down to siesta to digest the gourmet grass they have had although there is always one who will hoover up any left over veggies.